The need for dissected map puzzles of Africa

Why we created a dissected map puzzle of Africa

The dissected Map of Africa Puzzle was designed and created out of the need to encourage better learning and understanding of the African continent in a creative and fun way.

Described as ‘challenging yet fun and educational’, the Map of Africa Puzzle is a great learning tool helping to reinforce the message that Africa is a continent made up of 54 countries.

‘Africa is a Continent not a country’

An initial 18 piece puzzle with no names and merged countries, was created in 2015. It was specifically created this way to challenge you and to encourage you to go on an exploratory journey to find out more about the countries, places and people as a family, team or group. 

With much demand for country names to be added to the map, the 49 piece version  was created in 2019 and has still proven to be challenging even with names on the pieces. This is because although we all may know a little bit about Africa and its countries, we have so much more to learn about this vast and amazing continent!

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